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World’s Biggest Screen with a Price Tag to Match

Jul 8, 2014

This article has been republished here. To view the original article by InAVate, click here.

London-based manufacturer Titan has launched the Titan Zeus, with a screen size of 370in it is the largest commercially available display, and costs a cool $1.6 million. The Titan Zeus measures 8 x 5 metres, and is designed for indoor or outdoor use.

The display features 65 billion colours and has 4K resolution. The screen is significantly larger than the 152in screen from Panasonic, which previously held the crown as the world’s biggest.

Displays of this size put LCD technology in direct competition with the projection market, which was previously the only way to get images of 150in and above. As such it moves LCD screen technology into places where it couldn’t have been installed before, such as large boardrooms, command and control and lecture theatre applications.

Since the introduction of its Zeus TV, Titan has sold one Titan Zeus to a private customer. It is believed the buyer is a British millionaire, who is thought to have installed it at the bottom of his/her swimming pool.

The huge screen can work in panel format allowing viewers to watch up to 20 channels at any one time, at the same time.


Titan is no stranger to giant screens, and offers a range of 173in, 196in and 251in displays.

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