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Top Reasons for CEOs to Choose Unified Communications

Jun 13, 2014

ShoreTel is a provider of business communication solutions whose brilliantly simply unified communications platforms, applications and mobile UC solutions promise a new rhythm of workforce engagement and collaboration. With costly complexity eliminated by design from its award winning, all-in-one IP phone system, UC and contact center solution, and its industry leading hosted business phone system, workers enjoy a freedom and self-reliance that other providers can’t match. Users have full control to engage and collaborate, no matter the time, place or device, for the lowest cost and demand on IT resources in the industry.

This article was originally written and published by ShoreTel and has been replicated in part here. To view the original publication visit: http://bit.ly/1iA2cVZ  


A simple unified communications solution can address communication challenges organizations face on a daily basis and enhance overall operations. Because of this, convincing a CEO to adopt a UC solution should not be difficult. The CEO of an organization looking to remain competitive and offer exceptional service will want to adopt UC because of its effect on the enterprise as a whole – the system will please everyday users, IT professionals and business decision makers.


Challenge: Employees having difficulty communicating and collaborating with each other

Employees’ productivity and morale will suffer if they struggle to get in touch with their coworkers to share information, collaborate on a project, ask questions to complete a task or even route a customer or client to the representative who will best serve them. This process of phone tag can create an annoyance in the work day, and also divert energy from important tasks and decrease productivity in an organization.

A study completed this year showed the dramatic negative effects this type of disruption can have on a business. The survey of knowledge workers in organizations of more than 500 employees by Webtorials Editorial and Analytic Division showed that employees waste hours every day trying to communicate with the right coworker or client.

  • On average, the participants in the Webstorials survey spent 1.4 hours trying to contact customers, partners and coworkers.
  • Additionally, respondents spent 0.85 hours each day scheduling meetings and conferences with their colleagues and clients.

When they did reach the right person in their organization, many respondents reported, they had duplicated communications over multiple channels (email, phone), and spent about 0.8 hours each day doing so. Participants also wasted nearly 0.6 hours every day dealing with wrongly routed calls and unwanted communication because systems were not in place to properly manage this.

Solution: A simplified unified communication system rich with collaboration features that make it easy for coworkers to share information

CEOs will want to prevent employees spending hours struggling to properly communicate, wasting time trying to get in touch with the right person to complete tasks. Unified communication systems are rich with features that enhance collaboration internally and externally, making it easy for employees to get in touch with the right person or client, saving time and saving the business money.

The Webtorials study showed that many of the communication problems contributing to a lack of productivity are eliminated when a UC system is implemented.

  • The study revealed that the time employees spent trying to contact customers, partners and colleagues decreased 26 percent when a unified communications solution was implemented.
  • Additionally, 15 percent of the employees saved time by cutting out communications such as spam emails or unwanted calls.
  • Businesses also reported the amount of time employees spent duplicating communications through different channels decreased by 28 percent and the amount of time spent scheduling meetings fells by 27 percent.

The study offered a clear indication of the extent to which UC can contribute to a more efficient and productive workforce, making it hard for CEOs to say no to implementing a UC system that includes the key tools for boosting productivity, such as presence, instant messaging and mobile features.


To read the top reasons for CEOs to choose unified communications from ther perspective of business executives and IT professionals, click here.

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