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International Keynote Brings to Life the Future of Digital Signage at Integrate 2014

Aug 11, 2014 Uncategorised

Effective digital signage can add value to your communication mix and increase ROI for your business. To understand digital signage as a discipline, and how to use it to suit your target audience, join US expert Paul Flanigan, Executive Director of Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) and Matt Edgcumbe, National Operations Manager at Rutledge AV, as they share global best practice and reveal the do’s and don’ts from the leaders in the industry at the Integrate Future Trend Talks on 28 August 2014.

So much more than a ‘television’ in a public space, digital signage is fast becoming an ingrained part of venues; including retail, museums, hotels, restaurants and hospitals all over the world. In the Australian market alone, digital signage is transcending retail spaces, making its mark at interactive arts and live events such as VIVID, and in indoor and outdoor venues like airports, public transport stations and many more.

An affordable, highly versatile and accessible way to engage and interact with an audience, deliver a message and create an amazing WOW factor, digital signage is now at the core of many Australian marketing campaigns.

In this keynote The Complete Network, Flanigan and Edgcumbe will explain how suppliers and brands can work together to create an engaging experience that draws in consumers and delivers significant returns on investment. From understanding the strategy; the vision and ROI, through to technology and revealing the biggest ‘gotchas’, it is an event not to be missed.

Paul Flanigan explains that clients are looking for a simple, streamlined partnership solution; one phone call, one partner, to result in a faster ROI.

“The solution is composed of many moving parts, from hardware, software, content, customer understanding and much more. It’s critical that we lay the groundwork taking into account these components, so that we can execute projects without missing any details. Apart from discussions on trends, applications and best practice, attendees at this session will also receive a fundamental understanding of what a network is, how it works, and why they need to consider this when putting a screen in a venue.

“The future of digital signage is here to stay, and its application in Australia is unlimited; from marketing signage, through to hybrid television programs, artistic visuals and social media dashboards, the options are endless. What’s critical to understand, however, is that while technology (the physical part) is readily available, it’s what you do with it that will never stop evolving. The more we understand how people use digital technology, the better equipped we’ll be to put the right network in the right place at the right time,” said Mr Flanigan.

Keynote Session: The Complete Network, 28 August 2014 from 10:30am until 12:00pm, Integrate 2014 – book tickets now.

The keynote will be followed by two other sessions:

The Connected Network by Paul Flanigan, Executive Director of Digital Screenmedia Association,  and Dr Vu Tran, Co-Founder Director of Aduro.

What happens when the network starts to learn about the consumer, and behaves accordingly? In this session, we’ll talk about data, trends, and how your network can understand the consumer and react in real-time will be discussed.

The Future Network by Paul Flanigan, Executive Director of Digital Screenmedia Association, and Dominic Feik, General Manager at Sumo Vision.

With this amazing world of technology around us, we need to talk about tomorrow. Why? Because as soon as you put in a network, you’re thinking about 2.0. In this session, we’ll bring together some insight into what the future holds, and what you can do with your network right now to prepare for the future of technology.

Integrate is offering delegates three seminar sessions for the price of one. Tickets to attend any of the three Digital Signage Talks is $95. Tickets purchased for the keynote session also includes light lunch, a copy of the presentation slides and a complementary drink at the networking opportunity directly after the session.

To purchase your ticket, click here.

For more information, click here.

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