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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

InfoComm and AETM Announce Collaborative Partnership

May 4, 2014

AETM, Association of Education Technology Managers announced this year, a new partnership with InfoComm International who will be the official AV Industry Training Partner. The collaborative agreement will extend Infocomm membership with free or discounted training to AETM members including free online training and CTS Prep.

David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International said, “InfoComm is pleased to be working closely with AETM to advance training and networking for audiovisual and educational technology managers,”

“InfoComm will be providing important training for an AETM Conference and at InfoComm University sessions at the Integrate show. It is InfoComm’s hope to expand our joint relationship over time to best serve this important tech manager community.”

“The members of the AETM hold InfoComm’s professional training, standards and industry certification programs in very high regard, so the Association is excited about the potential of this new collaborative initiative,” said Terry Coe, President of the AETM.

“AETM members take a leading role in audiovisual projects worth more than $100 million every year.  This new cooperative agreement sends a clear message to the industry that this huge client base values skills development, performance standards and industry certification for its staff and equally in the consultant, AV integrator and vendor community that service the sector.”

The full list of member benefits of both the AETM and InfoComm International memberships can be found here.

About the AETM

The AETM is made up of Educational Technology Managers and Directors from Universities and TAFE colleges in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 2001, the group actively negotiates collective AV industry standards, provides guidance with professional accreditation and fosters collaboration through the sharing of ideas, experiences and best practice amongst its members.  In late 2013 the AETM broadened its scope to also include AV professionals from corporations, government departments, museums, galleries and cultural institutions.

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