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Combining forces to create a 6 Star Green Star building

May 6, 2014 Uncategorised

Local Australian company mySmartCTI delivered an iconic Sydney project; the ANZ Tower, using KNX. The project went on to be awarded the highest possible 6 Star Green Star – Office Design v2 rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.

mySmartCTI delivered a flexible open-place office that was energy efficient using KNX control with the lighting ballasts on DALI networks. By using an ABB KNX touchscreen, users are able to manually operate lighting when required. The building harvests daylight energy and uses presence detectors to minimise unnecessary energy wastage. Ambient daylight levels are constantly monitored, and after-hours lighting has been carefully considered. More than 30 AMX KNX interfaces have been used, and a building-wide Ethernet system linked the lighting control server to various KNX networks and building management systems.

These technologies benefit the building by improving the user’s experience. KNX is a globally recognised certification and compliant standard, independent from any hardware or software technology. These benefits enable multiple products to co-exist and function effectively together, while also allowing for product updates or improvements to be made. The finish and functionality of the sensors and user interfaces is to the highest standard.

mySmartCTI is an Australian company that helps to create the most energy and resource-efficient environments possible by using the latest technologies and highly trained consultants.

To read the full case study, click here.

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