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Clipsal by Schneider Electric releases Australia’s most universal USB mech

Jul 3, 2014

This article was originally written and published by Schneider Electric, and has been replicated in full here. 


Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, Clipsal by Schneider Electric’s innovative new USB charger mech offers adaptability, efficiency and reliability in one convenient and universal mech.

Suitable for use with all your portable electronic devices, such as smart phones, cameras, tablets and ebook readers, the Clipsal by Schneider Electric USB 30 Mech is compatible with a range of plate offers and colours. In a residential application, the home owner may want the mech to be coloured to match existing decor, whereas in commercial environments, such as healthcare facilities where different colours denote different types of power, the mech can be manufactured to suit these requirements. Each wall plate can carry up to three USB outlets, or one or two USB outlets with a single power outlet.

The USB charger mech is also very efficient. Designed with an inbuilt cable compensation to reduce charge times, the USB wall socket can recharge your device faster, even when compared to chargers supplied with the product. You don’t need to worry about power surges; with built-in circuit protection, temperature and over-current protection you can be confident that your electronic devices are always protected.

In the commercial environment, the USB outlet really comes into its own. Providing up to 1.2 amps, the outlet has minimal standby energy consumption. This means that when used instead of standard GPOs, it reduces maximum circuit demand, lowering infrastructure requirements and costs. This is particularly relevant in applications such as hotels, hospitals, multi-dwelling units and universities.

As with all Clipsal by Schneider Electric products, reliability is key. The USB mechs are manufactured with the same quality build components as other Clipsal by Schneider Electric electrical accessories, so you know the product is backed by global expertise and local support.

For more information about the Clipsal by Schneider Electric USB charger outlet, visit them on stand C66 at Integrate.

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