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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Australian market ripe for change, as Integrate education reveals global technology outlook

Jun 26, 2014

The corporate, venues and events, and government and military sectors continue to dominate the APAC AV markets, representing 30%, 14% and 12% respectively. By 2017*, these figures are predicted to surpass those of North America. How these sectors consume and implement AV technologies will be the core focus of upcoming tradeshow Integrate’s deep-dive seminar tracks hosted by event partners, InfoComm International (InfoComm) and CEDIA.

Held on the 26-28 August at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, InfoComm and CEDIA are offering 35 robust sessions lead by local and international speakers, with over 400 collective years of AV experience, giving delegates a global insight into emerging AV trends.

InfoComm reveals how to achieve effective technology integration into spaces for meetings, workplaces and education in ten insightful sessions. Key learnings will benefit core AV professionals, end-users in the high growth sectors as well as those in education/training, retail/distribution, healthcare, hospitality and healthcare.

The booming Australian smart home automation market, which is predicted to grow to $917 million by 2017, is the focal point for CEDIA’s seminar tracks. Attendees to these seminar sessions can expect to gain a firm understanding of the smart building market requirements, Apple and Google’s initiatives, new device types and energy efficiency and sustainability in the home.

Along with these seminar tracks run by InfoComm and CEDIA, Integrate will also be launching its own Integrate Education program. Run over the tradeshow’s three days, the Conference will highlight global thought-leadership in the region’s biggest customer segments, deliver a combination of technical training, operational best-practice and system design intelligence – all supported by Australian cases studies.

To register to attend for free, click here.


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