21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Speaker Profile

Thea Emetlis

Securitas Australia

Thea Emetlis, is the Country President at Securitas, a security solutions partner with world-leading technology and expertise. Since her inception in 2017, Thea has various leadership roles, now steering the Country Leadership and Executive Management teams with a blend of strategic finesse, legal acumen and passion for technology.

Her educational journey is as diverse, with a tapestry of diplomas and a Bachelor of Laws/Arts (Criminology/Political Science) with honors, and recent executive development leadership competency from IMD University. These are not mere credentials; they are the pillars upon which her profound understanding of business strategy, people management, risk, and financial stewardship are built.

In the complex landscape of today’s business world, Thea is the trusted compass, guiding an ambitious growth strategy that is rooted deeply in values, ethics, and sustainability. Her leadership drives transformation in the security industry, championing diversity as the cornerstone of innovation.

With a keen eye on the pulse of the market, Thea’s influence on the Executive Management’s decision-making process is both direct and profound. Her methodical rationale, coupled with deep insights into the security market, ensures the commercial portfolio not only thrives but sets new benchmarks of success.

She is an inspirational and proactive leader, with a ‘lets get it done’ attitude that is solidified in the focus on leadership, growth strategy and customer centricity.

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