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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Speaker Profile

Jonathan Seller


Jonathan has been with AVIXA (Previously InfoComm International) for almost 20 years. He leads the Asia-Pacific Region for AVIXA in the role of Senior Director of Development, which in AVIXA’s world includes the Indian sub-continent and the GCC. Since Joining AVIXA his roles have also seen him responsible for managing Oceania, Africa and the Middle East Regions. In 2014, Jonathan spearheaded the opening of the AVIXA Office in India.

Day to Day, Jonathan and the small but dedicated AVIXA Asia-Pacific team support the development of the Audio-Visual industry and those that have chosen AV for their career. This support comes primarily through providing Education, Industry Certification, Development of Standards and Best Practices. One of their most notable achievements has been to provide Basic Installer training to more than 2,000 people throughout India, which has helped to improve AV Installation Quality for the foreseeable future.
Jonathan has qualifications in Management and Leadership, Training and Assessment as well as Trade Qualifications. Everything he did prior to joining AVIXA was so long ago, it's almost irrelevant, but in summary, he has worked in Heavy Manufacturing and Sales, Operations and Management in the Oil & Gas Industries. He has also worked in Underground Coal and IT Sales.

In his personal life, he has a young family and lives on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. He loves to cook and watch his daughters play sport. For most of his adult life, he has been involved as a Volunteer with Youth Organisations.

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