21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Session Information

21-Aug, 15:10 - 15:50

Panel: Developing Strategies to Manage, Detect and Prevent Insider Threats – an Enterprise-wide Approach

Every organisation is vulnerable to insider threats from its employees. Yet in reality, many organisations fail to put in place measures to protect themselves from insider threats and have been badly damaged as a result. Many struggle to recover from financial losses and reputational hits, not to mention the impact on morale after someone betrays everyone’s trust.

This session will address intentional and unintentional insiders who can cause harm to your organisation. The panel of industry experts will discuss strategies to manage, detect and prevent threats from an enterprise-wide approach.

Key Topics:
Broad areas to be discussed include:
• Strategies to manage – key elements of building a strong risk-aware security culture.
• Strategies to detect – discussion of what to watch for – changes in behaviour, significant life changes, changes in work performance or habits, security violations, attempts to access sensitive information.
• Strategies to prevent – practical steps you can take to prevent becoming a victim of an insider threat ie encourage reporting of suspicious activity, conduct regular audits and assessments, monitor user behaviour, limit access to sensitive information and systems to those who absolutely require it for their role.

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