21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Session Information

1-Sep, 13:20 - 13:45

Hardwario: Your Hardware Gateway in Smart Technology

Thinkers Theatre

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of smart technology with Hardwario.
Join us for an illuminating 20-minute session tailored to those who want to know better our platform for development or our ready made solutions!

In this session, we will delve into the fundamental role that Hardwario plays in shaping the landscape of smart technology.
Explore our innovative hardware solutions designed to simplify and accelerate the Internet of Things (IoT) realm.
Discover how our modular and versatile hardware platforms provide the perfect solution, enabling to seamlessly translate ideas into functional IoT devices.
During this session, we will highlight how engaging with Hardwario can be the amazing!.
How to gain insights into how our products not only enhance the technical prowess but also offer invaluable hands-on experience in IoT development.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of smart technology, Hardwario equips you with the tools and knowledge to establish a strong foothold.
Join us in our session and you will not regret about it.

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