21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Session Information

22-Aug, 09:00 - 09:50

AVIXA Women’s Council Forum – Negotiate with Emotional Intelligence. Free to attend

AVIXA Education

Bounce back, perform better and achieve more better in every negotiation
We negotiate with others every day. We negotiate with our clients, our peers, our boss and yes, we even negotiate with our loved ones back home.
Yet negotiators often get caught up in their feelings about the negotiation. Most feel like an imposter, never worthy of achieving a successful outcome.
How we use our emotional intelligence to help us navigate everyday negotiations from the big, the small and seemingly inconsequential is about how we bounce back, perform better, and achieve more from every negotiation.
The AVIXA Women’s Business Breakfast at Integrate 2024 is proud to spotlight Dr Isabella Allan, organisational psychologist and behavioural scientist, who will take us through the art and science of negotiating with emotional intelligence.
Dr Isabella Allan is the best-selling author of Turn Talk into Action, she speaks to global audiences on the keys that unlock leadership, is an advisor to international boards, is a Fellow at the Institute of Social Innovation in the USA, has helped numerous ASX 200 companies on strategy and culture, and works closely with the property, construction, architecture and design sector, helping their leaders lead high performing teams.
In this fantastic session, Dr Isabella Allan will delve into the latest science on how you can significantly improve outcomes for yourself, your clients and your partner ecosystems, by negotiating with emotional intelligence. It will be a session jam packed with insights and practical takeaways to inspire you into action.

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