21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Session Information

22-Aug, 10:50 - 11:30

A Deep Dive into Data Breach Class Action Litigation

Data breach class action litigation is one of the primary areas that keeps businesses up at night. Factors such as the emergence of cloud-based storage, the shift to remote work, and the escalation of sophisticated cybercriminal activity have threatened data security. As a result, the number of data breach class actions lawsuit filings in the United States doubled in last year, going from 604 in 2022 to a whopping 1,320 in 2023. The financial impact is equally daunting, as the top 10 data breach settlements totaled $515.75 million. Now is the time for security professionals to understand what safeguards can be implemented to best their organizations from class action lawsuits.

After attending this seminar, attendees will;
1) understand the global data breach class action landscape
2) develop mechanisms to prevent data breach class action litigation
3) leave equipped with strategies to best defend against data breach litigation

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