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5 Things to Watch For in the Smart Home

Jul 26, 2016

As CEDIA talks to visionaries in the field, building white papers and gathering the CEDIA Tech Council to look into the future, there are a few developments afoot that are about to become as ubiquitous as touchscreens. For example:

Voice Control Will Be Everywhere

Products such as Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo and remotes that look for your favorite TV shows are the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Voice control will soon help you shop for groceries, find your phone when it is lost in the couch, schedule appointments, you name it — and the home technology professional will be instrumental in integrating these devices into the home.

Not Only Will You Talk to Your Devices, They’ll All Talk to Each Other

The Internet of Things isn’t merely a Thing, it’s becoming the Biggest Thing. Learning how to build, secure and troubleshoot networks are becoming core parts of an integrator’s skill set — and the word you’re going to hear more and more is interoperability.

Entertainment Is Ever More Immersive

3-D audio has arrived — and true, high-definition 3-D imagery isn’t far behind. Virtual reality goggles will become glasses, hi-def pictures will soon surround us — we’re moments away from the day we’re in the movie, not watching it.

But Two-Channel Audio is Continuing its Renaissance

As vinyl record pressers struggle to meet demand for their product, streaming services become ever more indistinguishable from analog delivery systems. It’s great news for audiophiles, and whole-house systems and even dedicated “listening rooms” are becoming must-haves for music lovers. There are now high resolution streaming services that have significantly higher bit rate and sample rates which allow for incredible music listening experiences.

And All of These Devices Will Learn from You

From smart thermostats to bio-adaptive lighting that understands how to map your circadian rhythms, the home will become an ecosystem that truly understands its occupants — sure, parts of the home can already do this, but when we get back to that concept of the networked smart home that’s just over the horizon, we’ll soon see dwellings that can even anticipate a user’s needs.

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Written by Ed Wenck, CEDIA
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