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Tech expo heralds new generation in visuals and entertainment in hospitality

Sep 20, 2017 Integrate News

The 2017 Integrate Expo saw LG release cutting edge new products for commercial hospitality, blurring the lines between entertainment and aesthetic design.

The recent Integrate Exhibition at the MCEC in Melbourne brought exhibitors from around the world to showcase products and innovation in many business sectors, particularly entertainment and AV, as well as education, training and manufacturing.

Recognising the ever-changing nature of visual in hospitality, and the drive to provide experiences beyond what patrons have in their own homes, LG has launched state-of-the-art products with particular relevance to commercial signage and display.

Highlights of the new ranges include:

  • Dual-view OLED displays – a screen less than 9mm thick that shows images on both sides in 4K UHD resolution. Can be mounted suspended from ceiling, in walls, or on a floor stand (see video below)
  • Signage displays – divide screens (from 49 – 98 inches) into four images, with 4K UHD
  • The OLED ‘Twister’ can flex concave or convex, and multiple screens can be tiled together
  • Wallpaper displays – 55-inch, less than 4mm thick and 6kg, can be fitted back-to-back and tiled
  • Transparent displays – a 0.8mm LED film that can be transparent or show dynamic content. Suitable for any glass surface
  • Outdoor solutions – 77-inch and 55-inch displays built to withstand the elements, and encased in 7.5mm protective glass panel

The new lines incorporate technological advancements, such as:

  • 4K UHD resolution – four times the definition of Full HD, with the ability to upscale standard definition content
  • OLED – each pixel can turn on and off, meaning no backlight and the ability to create perfect ‘blacks’ for ultimate contrast. Absence of the backlight also makes them much lighter and thinner


LG reports “very positive” reception from hotel operators at Integrate, with visitors to the Expo expressing understanding that technology is changing the nature of entertainment offerings.

“We’re seeing more people coming together at local pubs to enjoy major sporting events,” replies Russ Prendergast, senior marketing manager for information display at LG Electronics Australia.

“As part of this trend, we’re seeing demand for bigger screens and a more seamless viewing experience. Patrons want to feel like they are part of the sports and gaming action.

“Our latest business solutions offer razor sharp picture quality and sport compact bodies, making these products a welcome addition to design-centric projects and venues with space limitations.

“Addressing our customers’ pain points, our commercial displays and digital signage products can be scaled up or down as required to meet the needs of any project.”

Integrate also debuted a concept product from LG: the Smart LG Hybrid Cooler, featuring a door panel that can display dynamic content, with a proximity sensor that triggers the panel to go transparent as someone approaches, to allow them to see the contents.

You can read the original article on Pubtic.com written by Clyde Mooney here.

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