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Something to rAVe about: Gary Kayye names his top finds for Integrate 2017

Aug 24, 2017

Last year’s Integrate in Sydney, saw the worldwide soft-launch of their OLED Wallpaper, the largest launch of AV-over-IP gear at any AV event and the debut of native 4K DLP projectors. So, how will they top that next week? Honestly, that will be tough but here are 5 things you MUST find time for at the show next week in Melbourne...

Article by Gary Kayye, rAVe Publication Founder

1. The LG Booth:

No other display company has innovated more than LG in the last three years. In addition to their OLED Wallpaper, they launched two-sided In-Glass OLED, the thinnest bezel displays in the world, transparent LED technology and the largest line of native 4K displays of any manufacturer in the world. They will be a big factor in 2018 and they will use Integrate to demo their latest technological innovations as a sneak-peek into what they will debut in 2018. Go there.

2. Find ALL the AV-over-IP stuff:

The future of AV distribution is over the network. It’s not going to happen overnight, by any means, but it’s going to see exponential growth in 2018. Over 20 companies will be at Integrate with AV-over-IP solutions using various transmission methods. You need to see the differences as ALL of them have trade-offs. None of them are perfect but, depending on your application, you have to be strategic in what you choose.

3. Attend Classes:

This year’s Integrate has the largest lineup of educational offerings, ever. And, they’re nearly all technology-based. Don’t just go to the show to peruse booths – go find the classes that will help you the most as there have been some major tech-shifts in both audio and video over the past year and you need to know how they will affect you.

4. Play with the Collaboration Boards:

There will be 11 companies at Integrate with Collaboration Boards– 55”, 65” and 84” all-in-one touch-screens that are designed to be the only thing you will need to integrate into small and medium-sized rooms. This trend isn’t a fad – it’s real. Most AV integration firms have decided that any time a room needs a display that’s smaller than 75”, they are putting in collaboration boards, instead.

5. Listen, Carefully:

Audio has completely gone digital — and you can manipulate everything. And, nothing is more impressive than the new microphone array systems that can be used in any conferencing environment. Listening to these demos will change the way you design audio in rooms, forever. Do it!


The rAVe team are looking forward to coming to Melbourne and will have five reporters there next week. Follow  http://www.ravepubs.com/integrate2017/ for all the latest Integrate news.


About the author: Gary Kayye, CTS, Founder of rAVe Publications

Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe Publications, is one of the most prominent personalities in the audiovisual industry. He has been a contributor to WIRED magazine and a technical advisor and columnist for Sound & Communications magazine as well as an opinionated columnist for rAVe [Publications] since 2003. In addition to his writing and market analysis, Gary has been a product, marketing and business operations consultant to dozens of AV companies in the U.S. and overseas. Clients have included companies such as Sony, Sharp, Epson, Lutron, InFocus, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, NEC and Philips. Gary and his team at rAVe Publications are also key partners of Integrate.

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