21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

5 TAKEAWAYS | The Future of Enterprise Panel Discussion

Our Integrate Virtual Speaker Series hosted a panel discussion to understand how Enterprise operations are changing in this new landscape. Panelists delved into topics ranging from the physical and built environment to leadership evolutions and HR shifts. If you missed the session or would like a recap of the session check out our 5 takeaways below!

1. A nation that adapted quickly to remote work

Both Angela Ferguson (Futurespace) and Robert Hillard (Deloitte Asia Pacific) agreed that, in terms of the experiences with their workforce, Australians have adapted quickly and effectively when it came to shifting to working virtually from home.

“Australian workers are agile…we were able to mobilise fairly quickly.’ – Angela Ferguson, Futurespace

Deloitte created their own ‘Virtual office’ early on – ‘…we wanted people to feel like they are in the office even when they’re logged on virtually – from a business continuity perspective, it’s been a success.” – Robert Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific

2. The importance of AV functionality

The question of what’s critical in terms of AV when working remotely? Functionality is an answer that consistently resurfaces.

Turning the camera on, and quality of sound, these functions may sound standard to those within the AV industry, but the standard differs across company workforces.

The functionality of tools has improved exponentially in the last 6 months, but it’s still not perfect and the big names in collaboration technology are looking to improve in the coming months.

“The AV setup needs to be more equal, such as everyone’s voice is able to be heard. Can we create a culture within our homes? Is there a way that AV can create this company culture within the home?” – Robert Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific

And that’s when the idea of standardisation across the workforce comes up, at that point functionality could become less of a problem if everyone is working from the same equipment with the right training.

“More standardisation across collaboration tools, to make sound quality and broadcast better and more professional…particularly for live broadcast.” – Robert Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific

3. Blending remote and office working

The idea of the ‘big blend’ was a popular opinion of the panel, especially the value of flexibility when it came to remote working and returning to the office, and how AV will play a key role in this experience.
“People aren’t just standing around for the purpose of communication – you immediately have an AV role when communication is the reason people need to be together.” –  Robert Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific

4. Setbacks of remote working

Although we have all learned to use our collaboration technology to sufficiently remote work, it looks like we still have a way to go in using our collaboration technologies to their full potential.

‘It’s a good time to replan and rethink…’ – Angela Ferguson, Futurespace

‘We’re not good at building new relationships on video…the casual conversations. Some of that tension is building. From a lack of blowing off steam’ – Robert Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific

Both Angela and Robert agreed that we may have nailed our standardised meetings and professional greetings via video call, but we’re still missing the casual connections we get in the office from say, grabbing a coffee with a colleague or bouncing ideas creatively off each other. The setback in creativity from working remotely was a sentiment shared with both the panelists and the session audience.

“How are our young people learning, if they’re not learning from others in the office” – Angela Ferguson, Futurespace

5. AV in future office fit-outs

“How do we redesign the office so that no matter where we are in the world we have that integrated experience in the office?” – Robert Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific

“AV was a huge part of creating a signature experience (for a Futurespace client)…well beyond collaboration tools. There’s a huge opportunity for av to create an exceptional experience for people at work” – Angela Ferguson, Futurespace

After much discussion about blending remote and office work, the talk turned to AV in the offices of the future. AV will continue to play a huge role in the office, as we will need to communicate daily with those still working remotely. But the AV industry might need to get more involved with end-users in order to build confidence in using new technologies:

“The AV industry needs to spend more time in the room, acting as a coach, and teaching” – Robert Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific


Angela Ferguson, Futurespace
Robert Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific
Riana Steyn, Bartier Perry Lawyers – Unfortunately Riana was unable to join the session due to technical difficulties. We look forward to hearing from Riana in the future.

A big thank you to our speakers for being a part of an Integrate first. And remember, there is still time to register!


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