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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

The impact of AV in public spaces

Dec 17, 2018

Outdoor advertising used to be the domain of traditional advertising, with static images and no interaction. That has all changed, with digital outdoor displays opening new worlds for businesses to advertise - and new avenues for AV installers to provide their services to make it happen.

There are regulations and challenges that installers should know to be able to effectively meet these challenges for potential clients.

Get to know the laws and regulations around outdoor advertising

The first thing every AV installer should familiarise themselves with is the laws in their local area surrounding outdoor advertising.

The development of Out of Home (OOH) advertising regulation in Australia is broken down by states and territories with rules and regulations put together by state road authorities, state planning departments and local government.

There are different places where outdoor advertising is not permitted, like environmentally sensitive land, in national parks and in heritage areas. New South Wales recently introduced changes to their regulations where roadside trailer advertising is no longer permitted.

Under this new legislation, businesses that advertise on trailers parked on roads, footpaths, nature strips and road shoulders can be fined $3000.

Check your local regulations to make sure you understand the do’s and don’t of outdoor digital advertising in your area.

How outdoor advertising benefits customers

LED screens, digital displays and wrap around screens on buildings look impressive – but how can they deliver results to businesses when customers can’t directly interact with them?

Outdoor advertising is an important platform for businesses, as it drives more online sales than any other offline medium. They reach customers on the go and usually have a call to action that involve picking up a mobile phone and interacting while on the move.

We have seen newspapers move to websites, radio stations move to podcasts and television services go to on-demand services. But it is these billboards in the public that capture the interest the most of all traditional platforms through their links to mobile devices and presence in corridors people need to travel every day.

Integrate exhibitors harnessing the power of digital outdoor advertising

  • ATDEC: All forms of digital advertising need to be mounted and ATDEC provides solutions to businesses in this space. The provide video wall mounts, menu board mounts, display stands, wall mounts, ceiling mounts and mobile carts to deliver new and innovative ways to advertise business products to passing audiences.
  • ATEN: A key component of digital advertising is the seamless distribution of A/V source content to multiple displays. This needs to be controlled from a central location and be flexible, scalable and seamless. ATEN provides solutions to businesses to have this central control.
  • Black Box Network Services: To ensure that digital advertising is getting ROI, there needs to be systems put in place to monitor how many people are clicking through on their mobile devices after spotting the advertising. Black Box Network Services offers feature-rich, yet user-friendly digital signage systems to achieve this goal.


Australia’s premier annual AV trade show Integrate presents an invaluable opportunity for those in the industry to collaborate and learn about the next waves of innovation. The 2019 event will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 27-29 – for more information about being involved please get in touch.

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