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5 Reasons To Switch Your Digital Signage Software to Signagelive

May 20, 2016



Universal Tech Solutions are proud to partner with Signagelive to deliver a World Leading Signage Platform to the Australian Market.

Whether you are new to digital signage or an existing user or supplier, Signagelive have you covered.

From basic signage, to multi solutions across large networks, Signagelive is a useful tool for both Integrators, and end users.

5 Reasons To Switch Your Digital Signage Software to Signagelive

There are a growing number of digital signage resellers and customers that are exploring how they can replace their current digital signage content management system (CMS). At Signagelive we offer those looking to make the switch to our platform, all of the support and advice required.

Here are the top 5 reasons that companies have switched their digital signage CMS to Signagelive:

1. Cost

In the past, digital signage solutions demanded the use of complex and expensive hardware and software. Over recent years this has changed dramatically, with the advent of Cloud Computing and System on Chip hardware, such as Android player devices and Smart Signage Displays; the costs of deploying and managing a digital signage network has been reduced by as much as 50%.

2. Ease of use

Many digital signage solutions require multiple modules to be purchased and setup, before you can publish content to a display. These often comprise of; a content designer module, a network management server, reporting server, player licences and then various add-ons and bolt-ons. This list of requirements will all sound familiar to many companies managing a digital signage network. With Signagelive, all you require is a web browser and your choice of digital signage player or Smart Signage Displays and you’re good to go.

Signagelive took all of the; on-premise servers, software modules and features historically required to deploy and manage a digital signage network and put them on the Cloud. Now you can focus on the message you wish to communicate with your audience and let us take care of the network, software and support.

3. Support

In addition to the costs to purchase and setup a digital signage solution, many customers find themselves paying expensive annual support contracts, without which, they would not receive the latest software updates, support and even worse find their digital signage software will no longer work.

Signagelive decided from the outset, that all support and software updates will not be an additional cost to our customers. When you purchase a Signagelive licence, all software updates and support including live chat are included for the lifetime of your licence.

4. Choice of digital signage hardware

When we sold our first digital signage solution back in 1997, the only viable choice to play back digital signage content was an expensive PC connected to a display. Whilst PCs have become cheaper and more reliable, and we still provide support for a wide range of PC players; there is a growing move towards non-PC (Android, SMIL, Linux) and no-PC (Smart Signage Displays) digital signage technology.

Signagelive is committed to providing our resellers and customers with the widest support for digital signage playback technology available. We believe that no-one should be forced to purchase a rebranded and expensive PC to run their digital signage, when an Android Player or Smart Signage Display would achieve their objectives at a greatly reduced cost.

5. Content creation tools and partnerships

A key component of any digital signage network is the content that is published to a display to keep your audience informed and entertained. At Signagelive, we understand the frustration that many digital signage administrators face when looking to create or source content for their digital signage network.

To address the need for great digital signage content, Signagelive provides the following:

  • Layout Designer – an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ design tool to allow you to create multi-zone templates for your digital signage displays with playlist zones, ticker feeds and widgets. Choose from our
  • Message Manager – create message templates with editable text zones and use your mobile device to make changes to the text instantly. The Message Manager can also be used to provide local users the ability to update message templates and ticker text via the web or their mobile device.
  • Aviary Image Editor – we have integrated the amazing www.Aviary.com image editing software within Signagelive, so that you can import, edit and publish images from your PC or any shared storage or your social media network. You can also use Aviary to edit and save any images that are already uploaded to Signagelive.
  • Screenfeed – adding dynamically updated news, sports and weather content to your your digital signage displays will keep your audience engaged. We have partnered with the best in the industry www.Screenfeed.com to allow you to try their range of digital signage content feeds for free and automatically see your purchased Screenfeed feeds available for use within your Signagelive media library.
  • Data Integration – many customers already have the data they wish to visualise on screens, stored in some form of data source; whether it be a SQL database or a Spreadsheet. For customers wishing to display content dynamically updated from their data, Signagelive provides a bespoke development service to integrate and publish data in custom templates.

Making the Switch to Signagelive

We appreciate that making the switch from an existing digital signage CMS to Signagelive may seem a daunting task. At Signagelive we help make sure the transition is as painless as possible, supporting you every step of the way with a full range of services, including:

  • Evaluation of your existing digital signage player hardware to determine if it can be utilised to run Signagelive.
  • Technical proof of concept to demonstrate that Signagelive can work on your existing digital signage player hardware.
  • Creation of custom scripts that can be run on your digital signage player hardware to convert them to run Signagelive.
  • Remote support via services such as LogMeIn and TeamViewer to assist in converting your digital signage player hardware to Signagelive.
  • Recommendation of new digital signage player hardware that you might wish to purchase to replace or add to your existing devices.
  • Introduction to our partners, where required; to provide on-site installation and maintenance services to assist in moving over to Signagelive.
  • Support, every step of the way. Our Customer Experience Team are online and a click away from assisting you with any questions or advice required to make the switch to Signagelive an easy one.

Visit Signagelive for more information about their products and services.

Contact the Local Partner: Universal Tech Solutions
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Phone: (02) 8488 9504

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