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Station Design Embraces 21st Century Efficiency, Flexibility.

Jan 22, 2016

Keith Hanadel’s job has become a lot more interesting—and challenging— over the past half-decade. As broadcast design director for HLW International, an architecture, engineering and design firm that has created studios for CBS, Fox, CNBC and other networks, Hanadel has seen increased flexibility in broadcast facility design. At the same time, media companies are under increasing pressure to maximize efficiency of their physical space.

The biggest adjustment, he says, “has come from the changes in the economics, reducing staff and at the same time the technology has changed to allow that staff to be more interrelated and more creative relative to each other.”

Design plays a crucial role in shaping the functionality of today’s broadcast facilities, as detailed in HLW’s 2016 broadcast report and cost index. Construction costs are growing, with a 10%-15% overall increase from 2014 to 2015, and HLW says there could be another 4%-8% increase for 2016. Global demand for commodities, steel and cement are causing spikes in prices. The biggest cost change for 2016, according to the report, will be decreased competitiveness because of market pressures in local markets, with 4%-8% increases on the coasts and 3%-5% jumps most everywhere else.

Flexibility in design offers more effective technology, more efficient space and a more collaborative environment. “The broadcasters are much more willing to accept change now,” he says. “Now people want their facility to be a good place for people to work.”

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A lot of design changes stem from technological advancements. Fewer wires and less equipment are required as companies move to IP technology and streamline office-wide systems.

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This article was written by Jonathan Kuperberg for Broadcasting & Cable. For more of Jonathan’s work, follow him on Twitter: @JonathanKupe!

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