21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney


Jun 15, 2017 Audio & Broadcast

In education the ability to hear what is being said during lectures is something that is of paramount importance. However, sometimes modern building materials and stylish aesthetics are not always conducive to pleasing acoustics.

TANNOY QFLEX uses a highly advanced beam-steering algorithm that allows precise control over the throw of the loudspeaker. Users can focus the sound on the seats and away from the ceiling, walls and partitions, reducing reverberation times without the need for acoustic dampening treatments for the space.

The result is that no matter where you sit you hear the direct sound from the loudspeakers with much higher speech intelligibility. It’s clear, focused, high quality sound that is evenly spread to the areas of your choosing.

See more Tannoy products on the Australis Music Group Stand B6 at Integrate, 29-31 August, or view the full product specifics here.

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