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PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Doss Speaker Cable Range

May 16, 2017

The all-new 16, 14 and 12 gauge Doss speaker cable range features Reelex technology for tangle-free twist-free pulling, Reverse metre marking, Rip cord for easy stripping and Oxygen Free Copper for better low-level signal transmission and great sound.

Like most in the industry, we’ve adopted the US style of speaker cable (think round) as well as gauges that are more consistent with low impedance applications. So 16AWG for lighter loads and shorter distances, 14AWG as the default choice and 12AWG for larger loads and longer distances. We have 2 core and 4 core options. Boots and revised speakers terminals are also in the pipeline.

The all new Doss speaker cable range features:

Reelex pulling box technology
– tangle-free twist-free!

Reverse metre marking

Less scrap! See how much cable has been used and how much is left – before you pull the cable

Rip cord

Makes the cable as easy to strip as possible

Oxygen free copper

Ensures premium sound quality in your systems. Higher purity copper means better low level signal transmission and great sound

All models come in 152M reels.

16G2C152M        16AWG 2 CORE Ideal lighter loads and shorter distances
14G2C152M        14AWG 2 CORE For general speaker wiring needs
14G4C152M        14AWG 4 CORE Specially designed for bi-amping
12G2C152M        12AWG 2 CORE Perfect for high duty loads and long distances

More information on the new range is available at: www.radioparts.com.au/speakercable

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