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NEW: MKE 200 Microphone

Sep 10, 2020

Enhancing audio for cameras and mobile devices, brought to you by audio specialist Sennheiser.

The new MKE 200 microphone by Sennheiser adds to its portfolio of audio-for-video microphones.

The mini-microphone is designed with ease-of-use in mind and suitable for DSLR, mirrorless cameras and mobile devices. It delivers clean and crisp audio and gives a professional touch to video clips.

The MKE 200 offers creators the first step to upgrading their sound, made possible with its unique design that minimises external noise such as handling and wind noise.

Key features;

  • Directional design
    The directional design of the microphone captures the sound of your subject while rejecting unwanted background noise. It is fitted with an internal shock-mount which acoustically decouples the capsule from the housing. It also includes an integrated layer of protective mesh inside the housing to protect from external noises and minimise wind. This feature is further enhanced when combined with the furry windshield when filming outdoors.
  • Compact companion
    The sleek design with stylish finish creates a compact product thanks to a fully integrated shock-mount., built-in windscreen, battery-free operation and lightweight design.
  • Complete package
    The MKE 200 is accompanied with a furry windshield, two locking connection cables for DSLRs or mirrorless cameras and mobile devices, plus a draw-string pouch for storage.

To find out more about this MKE 200, click here.

Sennheiser shapes the future of audio by creating unique sound experiences for their customers and clients.

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