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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

CASE STUDY: Sky-high sound at Eleven Rooftop Bar

Nov 30, 2017

Eleven Rooftop Bar is Brisbane’s hottest spot to down a few beverages. A stone’s throw from the CBD, the venue boasts spectacular 270° views over Fortitude Valley and combines the charm of the Ottoman Empire with the relaxed vibes of the Balinese beach. But there’s more to Eleven than just fancy drinks, as the venue also boasts d&b audiotechnik and Cloud Electronics products installed, that ensures that as the sun goes down that there is never has a dull moment.

Andrew Szumowski from Audio One Technologies installed Eleven Rooftop Bar’s audio and control system. The venue’s architectural fit-out is premium quality, and the owner stated upfront that the audio system had to be of a similarly high standard. At the same time, speakers had to be placed discreetly. Primarily playing mood music, the system also needed enough headroom and clarity to cater for DJs brought in at nighttime and for events.

Another hurdle was managing spill. The rear of the Asahi bar faces high-rise residential apartments so low end output had to be strictly controlled. Andrew turned to d&b loudspeakers to deliver the no-compromise performance his client requested.

The Fix

The main L-shaped bar area is serviced with three d&b 8S loudspeakers and two d&b 18S subwoofers for low end. Four booths lining the far end of the bar are covered by a single d&b 5S loudspeaker in each. d&b audiotechnik’s ArrayCalc software guided the decision of where best to place the speakers to ensure consistent sound in every spot.

“I worked with the guys at NAS to get the coverage right,” says Andrew. “I gave them copies of the plans with the brief as well. They did a model for me using ArrayCalc. We were originally going to put the speakers in a different position, but looking at the model, they said if we mount them a little higher and pointing back into the bar at the right angle, it would cover everything. The capacity is about 400 people, and it covers it easily. There’s really no flat spots in the whole venue.”

Andrew says the d&b 8S speakers were perfect for the Asahi bar area where sound couldn’t leak into the residential apartments nearby. The eight-inch models provide full-sounding audio and generous SPL, yet without excessive low end travel.

With ArrayCalc’s installation guidance, Andrew ensured he met the client’s other expectation to keep audio elements discreet. “The subs have been built into an area with one of the walls so it’s all architecturally hidden. We used acoustic foam to stop any rattles. The speakers are mounted high up and tucked out the way so you can’t really see them.”

Andrew used a Cloud Electronics Z8 Mk4 multi-zone mixer to handle audio distribution in Eleven’s three distinct zones. A Cloud remote wall panel in each zone allows staff to adjust audio source and level in each space. An iPod or phone can be plugged directly into the wall plate for music playback, and XLR patch points for DJs are built into the walls.

The result

Eleven Rooftop Bar has enjoyed the audio system for two years now.

“The owner loves it,” says Andrew. “They haven’t had any downtime and the system is running perfectly. I pop my head in once every few months and it’s all running as it should. DJs give it the thumbs up which is always a good thing. They’ve got about a 105dB limit in there and I’ve been up there with that limit and there’s still heaps of atmosphere.”

This article has been shared with the permission of Integrate exhibitor, National Audio Systems and was first published by AV Asia Pacific.

You can read the original National Audio Systems Case File here.

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