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Integrate is Australia's leading platform dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of AV to transform customer experiences. It is nexus for local and global brands to promote the latest AV solutions and products, as well as share insights and innovations to the region's largest gathering of AV professionals and end users.

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Integrate & AVIXA Tech Talks

Integrate & AVIXA Tech Talks

Integrate, in partnership with AVIXA , is the home of Australia's most comprehensive AV education and training program. With an increased focus on sustainability, real-time video analysis, and AI. The program provides essential training, the latest trends and insights in AV, and practical solutions to help bring innovation to life, to fully leverage the power of AV.

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AETM K-12 Conference

The AETM, in conjunction with Integrate, proudly present the AETM K-12 Conference. This event will provide a comprehensive exploration of the latest AV education technologies and their applications to enrich classroom learning and engagement. Designed for both IT and AV professionals in the education sector, attendees will uncover the transformative impact of AV on the future of learning.

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The ‘Digital Infrastructure Conference by BICSI South Pacific’

This conference highlights the critical importance of reliable connectivity in today’s digital era. From seamless AV solutions to robust security systems to mega data centres, connectivity forms the backbone of modern technologies, influencing how businesses operate and individuals interact with their environments.

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Covering the latest AV Innovations


Discover advances in LCD, LED and Projection as well the newest products on the market to help you create immersive digital experiences for your customers.


Uncover the latest technology allowing you to connect and collaborate with colleagues and customers, no matter where they are in the world.


There's a reason there's an A in AV. Stay at the forefront of all things audio with an access to the leading sound suppliers and manufacturers from around the world.


No other industry is being affected by AV technology more than education. Connect with best technology designers and providers who understand the growing importance of technology in education.


Learn how you can transform residential properties into a next generation of smart homes, with expert advice from the peak industry body and Integrate partner, CEDIA.


Tap into the growing role that automated technologies are having in how we work, live and play. Key areas of the Smart Building category include; HVAC, security, access control and monitoring.


AV-over-IP is here to stay. Download the latest advice, systems and insights into adapting your AV for the cloud with products for IOT, iCloud Solutions, SaaS and more.


Live events are becoming increasing immersive. Discover the rapidly advancing technological developments within entertainment technologies and live entertainment production.


We're witnessing a fundamental shift in media production and streaming. Find new solutions and equipment to help you meet your media production requirements.

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