Integrate Speaker Series – Day 2

Unified Communications



9:00 9:45

AV and IT – What’s Working, What’s Not, What Needs Improvement

How have organisations addressed the merger of AV and IT? What has worked well to make the merger successful? What has not worked and needs improvement? This session will address issues of importance to working in an environment where both IT and AV are important – in other words how to work together in most rooms! Panelists will share stories about user experiences and discuss steps to take to make the merger of AV and IT successful and seamless.

Paul Zielie, CTS-D, I, Manager, Enterprise Solutions Harman Professional

John Ungerer, Managing Director, Kramer Electronics
Simon Fourie, AV Distributors

Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I John Ungerer John Ungerer
10:00 11:00

Mobility and Unified Communications - Now It Gets Personal

With the explosion of browser and mobile video, and the emergence of WebRTC, collaboration is now something that you do wherever you are. How should users interface with each of these technologies and make them work together? How do organizations handle the huge growth in the use of personal devices and manage them effectively? Session panelists will discuss the current and future state of desktop and mobile devices.They will look at what is happening today, the impact it is having on organizations, and future prospects for desktop and mobile devices.

Glenn Roberts, Collaboration Specialist, CISCO
Gustav Hultgreen, Director APAC, Videxio

11:15 12:00

Workspaces of Tomorrow

Work is now what you do, not where you go. How will the tenets of Smarter Working and Activity Based Working change office designs and the collaboration tools we use within them? Hear how collaboration technologies support a better Work Life Balance – with people wasting less time commuting and receiving more family time. Get details of how organizations are reaping the rewards of lower real estate and facilities costs and happier, more productive workers. In this session our panel will describe new work environments and policies that have been a great success for organizations.

Stuart Hammond, National Director, Ricoh
Tony Simonsen, Managing Director, Polycom

12:45 1:30

Collaborate Securely - Building secure collaboration rooms and systems in a world of malware and hackers

Over the past few years equipment manufacturers have engineered their products to use modern network connections to communicate with the other components in AV and collaboration rooms. Now not just the codecs, but displays, processors, cameras, control systems, audio systems and more – all need to ride on an IP network to operate. This has regrettably opened up the huge can of worms around security. While a few enterprises try to mitigate the potential damage by isolating the AV system network from their core network in some way, this is never a guarantee that components and/or users won’t cross over at some point, enabling the spread of malware. What should organizations be doing to protect themselves from this threat? What are manufacturers doing to make their systems safer? This session will provide practical and actionable advice from experts on how to cope in a malware infested world.

Bignesh Dayal (Vicky), Head of Technology, Crestron
Paul Zielie, CTS-d, CTS-I, Manager of Enterprise Solutions, Harman Professional

Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I
1:45 2:30

The Huddle Room - How to wade through the technology solutions coming to market and find the right ones

It has become clear that the AV and collaboration industries – and most organizations – have completely embraced the concept of the huddle room – a meeting space that holds only a handful of people as they collaborate together. Seemingly every manufacturer in the industry is making a huddle room solution. Some firms expect you to bring your PC/Mac/device to the room and connect it to peripherals that enhance the camera, display and/or sound. Other firms are building complete solutions for these smaller spaces that don’t require any BYOD for conferencing and collaboration. How should professionals go about selecting the right technology for these now critical spaces?

Should people be expected to bring their devices to these rooms and use the simple convenience and flexibility of their own computer collaboration application – and run the risk of the hook-up and/or network connection not going very well, or should organizations use products that provide a complete experience in such rooms – costing more but ensuring that everything that is needed is already there?

Jim Fairweather, Executive Vice President, Global sale, Revolabs
Nelson Padilla, Business Development and Channel Manager, Video Collaboration, Logitech

2:45 3:45

Panel Discussions: State of the UCC Industry

Join industry experts and senior executives as they address the latest issues related to conferencing, collaboration, and unified communications. What disruptions are just over the horizon? How are mobility and interoperability impacting the industry? What are the latest user applications in business, education and healthcare? What does convergence look like in the home, as well as in business? What impact are mobile devices having within organizations? What role do managed services offerings and the cloud play in making use of these technologies effective and seamless?

Jim Fairweather, Executive Vice President Global Sales, Revolabs

Tony Simonsen, Managing Director, Polycom
John Ungerer, Managing Director, Kramer Electronics
Glenn Roberts, Collaboration Specialist, CISCO
Joel Mulpeter, Fusion Architect and Product Manager – APAC, Crestron

4:00 5:30

Keynote Session: The Future of AV: It’s Revolutionary

This session is proudly supported by Crestron and is a stand alone session in the Somerville Room.

There have been been many evolutions in AV over the past 30-years, but no revolutions. But, we are getting ready to experience the first true AV revolution. Are you ready for it?

Some would argue that the movement from analog to digital was revolutionary in AV, but not Integrate’s 2016 keynote speaker for Day-2, Gary Kayye. Kayye says that, although that shift could be labeled as disruptive, it wasn’t revolutionary. In fact, Kayye says we’ve never seen anything as disruptive as we’re about to see – and it’ll happen by the end of this decade.

Kayye’s keynote, “The Future of AV: It’s Revolutionary” won’t just be about where we’re going to be 5-years from now. In fact, he’ll take you through the journey (step-by-step) we’re going to experience to get there. Then, he will tell you the 4-things you need to do to prepare your business for the Future of AV.

This will be a session you won’t want to miss. Kayye is a lively, entertaining and detailed speaker who promises to tell you what you need to know about this AV revolution, how you can prepare for this AV revolution and why this is the Future of AV.

Gary Kayye Gary Kayye