Integrate Speaker Series – Day 1




10:15 11:00

The store of the future

Listen to Leon Condon, Engagis CEO, discuss what digital technology means for the store of the future and how improved customer engagement can lead to increased profits and maximised return on spend.

Leon Condon Leon Condon
11:15 12:00

Digital signage technology and how the right screen can change a digital environment

Join us as Claudio Cardile – Head of Specialist Channels & Distribution at Samsung delves into the world of digital signage, and discusses what to know when looking for the right digital signage solution for your retail environment.

Claudio Cardile Claudio Cardile
1:00 1:45

How the Telstra Discovery stores are changing the face of bricks and morter shopping in Australia

In this session Andrew Smith, Director of Retail Operations at Telstra, will discuss the theory behind the Telstra Discovery Stores and how the digital transformation of these stores is paving the way for bricks and morter shopping, in Australia and across the globe.

Andrew Smith Andrew Smith
2:00 3:00


Estimation, System Design, and Project Management are crucial to the system integration process, and are often managed separately or not at all, leading to miscommunication and cost associated with lost time. D-Tools’ database-driven software – System Integrator (SI) – ties each element together into a singular, connected process producing accurate proposals and estimates, systems designs (Visio or AutoCAD), and project management tools to reduce time and errors, and improve bottom line results. Mobile Connectivity allows users to easily communicate with teams in the field and back via any mobile device for accurate time and install tracking. Along with a comprehensive library of manufacturer products, D-Tools SI platform delivers a powerful yet easy to use solution that provides a positive impact on your business.

LOCATION: Theatre 1, Foyer

Seth Enos Seth Enos
2:00 2:45

The Signage Evolution - Why are we changing and how?

Hear Thor Turrecha, Head of Solutions at Engagis, discuss the role of digital signage in today’s consumer environment and how it is helping businesses create better, more frequent, and more intuitive connections with their customers.

Thor Turrecha Thor Turrecha
3:00 3:45

Using Data to make business decisions

We all know the importance of big data, but how can we use it to make profitable business decisions? Join us as as Kuba Tymula, Managing Director at Harris Partners discusses the ever increasing role for data in effective and profitable business decisions.

Kuba Tymula Kuba Tymula
3:30 4:15

What is successful AV & IT Integration

The connected world we live in demands greater collaboration and communication. So how do you merge AV and IT systems together in order to elevate working and living environments and what are the lessons learnt behind this practice?

LOCATION: Theatre 1, Foyer

4:00 4:45

The future of brand engagement

Nicola Mansfield from Deloitte will look at content as the platform for brand engagement, and how that can create richer retail experiences, and relationships built on deep and lasting loyalty.

Nicola Mansfield Nicola Mansfield
4:30 5:30

Case Study - Creating “Connected” Experiences for Commercial Real Estate with JLL

Learn how Harman Connected Services partnered with JLL to deliver a world-class “Connected” Commercial Real Estate solution to help JLL differentiate and transform how they create and exchange data with their customers via IoT enablement of the Smart Building delivering real time asset utilization improvement.

LOCATION: Theatre 1, Foyer

Graham Barrett Graham Barrett
5:00 5:45

How the internet of things, the cloud and analytics is helping business's connect with their customers

Marcella Larsen, Retail Industry Market Development Executive at Microsoft Australia will join us for an exciting insight into the connected world and the cloud, and how this technology will help us continue connecting with our customers today, tomorrow and into the future.

Marcella Larsen Marcella Larsen