Integrate LIVE Day 2



10:30 11:30

How sound can evoke, provoke and inspire - The 'David Bowie is' Case Study

An exploration of journey into the design and implementation of the innovative audio experience for the David Bowie Is exhibition. Learn how Sennheiser’s team helped to create a sonic environment that helped to provide a sensory layer to the exhibition that was integral to the show’s success. All this whilst maintaining an element of freedom to the way audiences experienced the exhibition of this remarkable and influential artist.

Jason Grbevski Jason Grbevski
3:00 4:00

Designing Spaces for Performance Lighting

Architects and building operators are today commonly interacting with specialists from mechanical, electrical and structural fields, and are expert in designing spaces for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Specialist spaces such as performance venues, however, call for a familiarity with specialist operations. Aiding their design requires an ability to communicate these needs to the architectural and building team, who may have had no contact with the day to day work of lighting designers and technicians within a professional theatre. Without a strong understanding of stage lighting needs, a performance space can fall subject to impractical designs of infrastructure and of system integration that can hamstring operators for the life of the venue. Micah will present an overview of common design considerations that can call for specialist focus regarding stage lighting equipment, masking, sightlines, network infrastructure and system selection considerations. The presentation will allow electricians, architects engineers and builders to gain an understanding of these requirements, as well as venue technical staff and managers to better communicate their needs to architectural teams and venue owners.

Micah Johnson Micah Johnson