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Stop! Collaborate and Listen! - Technology challenges of today's meeting spaces

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LOCATION: South Pod Hall 1

Peter Coman Peter Coman
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Networked AV leveraging IT Infrastructure in Collaborative Learning Spaces

Whilst teaching styles have changed over the years and academic staff do the best they could to facilitate that change, the physical layout and audio visual technology within the rooms became limiting factors to the success of their endeavours.

In this case study presentation, we explore how the University of Southern Queensland, completed an extensive upgrade programme to many of its key learning and teaching spaces on the Toowoomba campus. Apart from technical upgrades in the audio visual space, physical upgrades were also undertaken to better equip the rooms to support pedagogical flexibility. A particular priority placed on some rooms was the ability to cater for collaborative student POD style ‘learning and teaching’ supporting not only traditional didactic modes, but also active, discursive and reflective through the use of the student POD approach.

We will discover how USQ teaching spaces upgrade and how they implemented the emerging AV over IP technologies offerings flexible streaming and control solutions over standard enterprise grade network topologies to deliver a seamless and first class teaching spaces.

Renewal Units for this session:
CTS: 1
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Expiry date: 31/08/2018

Graham Barrett Graham Barrett Yasmin Grigaliunas Yasmin Grigaliunas Phil Dunn Phil Dunn
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InfoComm Tech Trends MasterClass: Tomorrow's Trends Today: How does that future look now

If you’ve been to an AV industry conference, you’ve probably heard technologists opine about the future. And that’s good; it’s important to keep an eye on the trends that will affect your business. But how often do you hear experts affirm their predictions, adjust for change, or just plain second-guess themselves? Join InfoComm International and industry professionals as they reevaluate year-old predictions and offer a fresh take on the technologies that will drive change in the years to come. Among the questions they’ll attempt to answer: Is there an ’estimated time of impact’for the Internet of Things in pro AV? Now that all displays are 4K, can we focus on 8K? What, they’re not yet? What do tomorrow’s collaboration spaces look like today? Will the cloud really take over the AV industry? If you don’t understand IPv6 and 5G wireless, is it too late? Bring your own questions or observations.

LOCATION: South Pod Hall 1

MODERATOR: Gary Kayye, rAVe Publications

Gary Kayye Gary Kayye Dean McFadden Dean McFadden Graeme Harrison Graeme Harrison Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I