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Collaboration boards made easy

The HDi PCAP 360 is the latest in the HDi range of touch screen technologies providing end users with an exciting new alternative in the collaborative board space. HDi partnered with Madison Technologies to launch the new product range at last year’s Integrate show in Melbourne.

A Definitive Guide To Outfitting Your Smaller Collaboration Spaces

Ten to twenty years ago people would gather in large rooms in one or maybe two buildings to hold meetings. Today however, most meetings take place with distributed participants. Some are in conference rooms, some are at their desk, some are working from home, and some are in transit.  All of these people need to be able to connect and collaborate effectively and a growing number of people now manage to use their mobile device or PC to join a meeting, but many are still in an office – in much smaller groups.

Connecting classrooms for better learning outcomes

Technology in the classroom hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be, but the rise of AV and IT integration means this is a fast-changing field…The convergence of audio visual and information technology is integral to the classrooms of today and tomorrow. Teachers tasked with keeping up with emerging technologies and learning models—like AR, VR and flipped classrooms—need user-friendly solutions that won’t slow down learning.

Huddle, Meet, Go

In the age of connectivity, meetings are not hindered by location. The flexible workplace has now been adopted by many businesses in Australia and it’s working. Employees are happier, productivity is up, and it’s actually reducing waste and environmental footprint.

Best of the Blogs 2017

Dec 21, 2017 Integrate News

As we start to look back on 2017, what were the burning issues in AV industry and what were the hot topics that got the most clicks? We did some back-end number crunching on all of the blogs we posted over the year, and now present to you our most popular articles. Not surprisingly, you all love a good Integrate story with 2 of the top 5 giving you a preview to the show, but it seems you are secretly a bit nostalgic at heart, but which article was the most popular might surprise you. Read on to get the best of the blogs for 2017.

How gaming will impact the future of the audio-visual industry

The video game industry has evolved dramatically since the days of Mario dashing through the Mushroom Kingdom in the 1980s. Modern gaming systems boast hardware that can produce lifelike graphics and levels of immersion never before seen, which has led to a dramatic rise in the number of households taking it up as commonplace. However, this progression in technology means gamers need—and demand—stronger AV solutions to get the most out of their machines and the overall user experience.

3D and beyond.. Ultra-D Glasses free 3D

Stream TV Networks have developed a ground breaking technology that provides a true auto-stereoscopic (3D without glasses) viewing experience in 2160p resolution when viewing stereoscopic (3D with glasses) or two-dimensional HD 1080p resolution content.

The changing role of AV maintenance

Audiovisual (AV) equipment used to be precisely that—devices with a sound and video component built into them. That has changed in the modern world, though, with most devices now coming equipped with IT architecture as well. This means that installing, servicing, maintaining and repairing AV equipment requires IT know-how, as well which can present challenges to the industry.

Redefine High-end visual display with Sony’s Canvas for Creativity

Using ultrafine LED’s in a unique surface mounting structure as its light source, Sony will be highlighting their display capabilities in a big way at Integrate 2018 by showcasing the Crystal LED Integrated Structures (CLEDIS).

CASE STUDY: Sky-high sound at Eleven Rooftop Bar

Nov 30, 2017 Audio & Broadcast

Eleven Rooftop Bar is Brisbane’s hottest spot to down a few beverages. A stone’s throw from the CBD, the venue boasts spectacular 270° views over Fortitude Valley and combines the charm of the Ottoman Empire with the relaxed vibes of the Balinese beach. But there’s more to Eleven than just fancy drinks, as the venue also boasts d&b audiotechnik and Cloud Electronics products installed, that ensures that as the sun goes down that there is never has a dull moment.